How Do We Work?

Step 1:  You Obtain Advice from a Regulated Mortgage Adviser 

You receive advice from your regulated mortgage adviser on further borrowing.  It is important to highlight this is not Brilliant Loans, seek independent mortgage advice first.


Step 2:  Your Adviser Recommends Brilliant Loans
If your mortgage adviser determines that a secured loan is the most appropriate product for your needs they will refer you to Brilliant Loans.  This is because:

  1. In their expert opinion, a secured loan is more suitable than a further advance or a remortgage and it is also appropriate for you.

  2. The mortgage adviser is not authorised to advise on secured loans, a specific and specialist advice area; or the mortgage adviser feels that due to the specialist nature of the secured loans products, you are better served through Brilliant Loans.

Step 3:  Brilliant Loans Offers You The Opportunity To Receive Secured Loan Advice
Brilliant Loans will contact you and explain who we are, the services we offer and the products available.  Brilliant Loans offers a restricted advice service advising only on secured loans and NOT mortgages.  This is because your mortgage advice needs will have been met by the referring adviser and, as specialists, Brilliant Loans is only authorised to advise on secured loans.

Step 4:  Brilliant Loans Advises and Obtains the Secured Loan You Need
All being well, Brilliant Loans will get you the most appropriate secured loan for your needs.  You will be free to opt out at any stage and we will only ever advise you on a secured loan if it is a suitable product.  You will need to consider any secured loan option we provide you alongside any mortgage option your regulated mortgage adviser may present to you.  Your regulated mortgage adviser will be able to support you with any decision if you have been presented with a mortgage alternative as well as a secured loan option.

Step 5:  After the Loan Completes
After the loan completes, we will be able to look after any of your queries in relation to your specific secured loan product but for all your future additional borrowing needs, please contact your regulated mortgage adviser who will be in the best position to provide you with the most appropriate advice. 


Our advice fee is payable on completion of the loan, before funds are advanced to you.  Our commission payments to the introducing mortgage broker are also paid after completion. 

Commission & Fees

Brilliant Loans will pay a commission to the introducing mortgage adviser.  This commission may vary by loan size and possibly by lender or product type.  This commission is unknown at the point of referral but will be disclosed to you on request. 


Brilliant Loans will charge you a fee for the company’s advice services.  There may also be transaction costs.  These will all be fully disclosed to you before any costs are incurred.  They will also be explained to you verbally by your adviser.  The first set of documentation sent to you will include details of our fees along with a lot of additional information.  It is important to read all of this documentation but remember, you may call our advisers at any time if you have questions or want any further information.